1. Go to
  2. Click LOG IN.
  3. Put in your account number, then your assigned web id, then your assigned password.
  4. On the top right hand side you have 6 tabs to choose from.


There may already be a default address in the pick up address field, but it can be changed if desired.

LOCATION:  The name of the company or persons.

STREET:  The name or number of the street.

UNIT:  The unit or suite number (if applicable)

CITY:  Put the city that applies to that address.

PROVINCE and COUNTRY:  Fields are already defaulted to Alberta and Canada, but also can be changed if need be.

POSTAL CODE:   Must be filled out to proceed with order. If you do not know the postal code, you can usually find it on Google Maps by searching the name of the company.



The above procedure goes for the delivery fields.

**If you would like to save the pickup and/or delivery addresses for future reference,
check the box beside the phone number field.**


PICK UP date and READY TIME:  Default to the time you are inputting the order.  It can be changed if the pick up is to be scheduled for a later date/time. (Note: if you only change the date, the time will remain the same and the order will not show up on the dispatch screen until the specified date and time.)

REFERENCE:  Optional; you can use this to refer to an order of your own, or for accounting purposes.

SERVICE:  This is where you can choose the level of service that you need. (Note: there are different price levels to each of the service.  Refer to your rate sheet for prices.)

VEHICLE:  Can be changed depending on the size of your shipment.

WEIGHT:  Enter the weight of your shipment, in pounds.

PACKAGE:  Enter the number of each type of package.

INSURANCE, DEPARTMENT and COMMENTS:  Optional.  Enter any additional information about pick up or drop off locations in the comments field.

Click QUICK ORDER or CONTINUE (there is no difference between the two).

You can now review your order.  If there are any changes that need to be made, click PREVIOUS to go back and change the order.  If there are no changes, click COMPLETE.


On the next page you will get the actual waybill that is needed for your courier, please print this out.

When you are done you can hit NEW ORDER on the top right hand corner to start again, or hit order track to monitor the progress of your order, (don’t hit back or you will create a new order.)